Organic Amazon was founded by two Brazilian friends with a passion for healthy living and unforgettable adventures. Rodrigo Lima and Jayson Fittipaldi grew up on açaí, but as adults living in the U.S., they found it hard to find good açaí that wasn’t diluted or lacking blend.

So, they teamed up to create something new: high-quality açaí that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. They began by sourcing açaí berries directly from the locals in the Amazon, supporting the local economy. Then came the challenge to craft the perfect blends! Rodrigo and Jayson refined the recipe nearly 50 times until their families approved the perfect blends for Açaí To-Go

Inspired by some of our favorite places on earth, Açaí To-Go is a creamy açaí sorbet blended with organic fruits and packed with 115 açaí berries in every tube. Enjoy it straight out of the freezer, or mix it to create your favorite bowl or smoothie for a true taste of the Amazon.

Today, Organic Amazon's mission is to keep making an impact. We strive to minimize our environmental effect and to invest in everything from recycled packaging to zero-waste berry harvesting. Every Açaí To-Go tube we sell helps fund hands-on projects like the new school library we built in Brazil for the children of our valued independent growers.

In recent months, our familia has grown, attracting lots of aligned açaí lovers to join our team and help spread the purple love around the nation.

We’re stoked to share this journey with you!

With gratitude,
- The OA Familia



Our product is made from wild harvested, organic açaí berries from the Amazon Rainforest. Each tube is filled with over 115 berries. Our quality is as high as our standards as we strive to share with you an authentic taste from our home land.


We support the local economy by purchasing their wild harvested açaí straight from the local açaí market. This not only helps the Amazon residents, but also serves as an incentive to prevent deforestation and preserve native plants. When it comes to packaging, we focus on using paper tubes to reduce the plastic waste around the world. We are currently working on creating 100% compostable packaging as part of our mindful business practices.


We are redefining convenience. Our goal: for you to enjoy life as much as possible! Take your tubes on your adventures, or make açaí bowls at home with NO blender/ NO mess. Açaí To-Go, wherever that may be!


We are helping empower the families of the Amazon by funding projects that encourage and enable education. For our first project, we built a library that is now serving 27 communities along the Amazon river and providing educational resources to families that didn't previously have access to them. We believe empowered communities help create an empowered world. When you support us, we support them.